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Can Online Casinos Cheat?

The US online casino industry gets a bad rep for a small fraction of gambling sites that cheat players. There are indeed online casinos that trick players, but it is not an extension of the entire industry. The onus then lies on the players to choose safe casino sites to play the best casino games. Every gambler recognizes the fact that the house will generally win most of the time. That’s how the game is built. There is, however, an expectation of getting the odd win here and there. It’s only fair.

When you rarely win, you should ask yourself if the games are rigged. Online gambling operators have an expressed goal to make money, and for them, that means players must lose. There are several illegal ways that casinos cheat players on the internet. The suspect casino websites avoid getting licensing and a certified stamp of approval from a reputable gaming commission in order to continue their illegitimate casino games.

How Do Online Casinos Cheat?

It should be noted that you won’t always be able to tell if you’re being cheated once you’ve fallen into the trap. The common attraction to casinos online is the fact that the games are cheaper and more extensive in number than at land-based casinos. Players are lured into signing up and depositing their money with the promise of getting a big casino bonus. They do not consider the terms and conditions of accepting the bonus. You may have to playthrough a ridiculous amount of times before you can cash out your winnings. Thus, even if you’ve won, you will eventually lose in the long run.

Can Online Casinos Cheat?

The more common indicators of a casino that is not honest are the following:

  • Casino games are rigged – this scenario is reflective of casino games that do not give out wins when you play them. Online gambling cheats manipulate the random number generator (RNG) not to give out random outcomes. Instead, they rig the games, not to payout.
  • Online Casino Cheat Software – the platform you play casino games for money needs to be regularly tested for fairness and audited. Gaming authorities such as Technical Systems Testing (TST) and eCOGRA oversee the certification of gambling sites and games to provide data on the return to player percentages over a period.
  • Payout Percentages – casino games like blackjack and poker card games usually pay out more than other games. If for an extended period you haven’t hit 21, chances are you are being robbed.
  • Delayed Payment – another sign of a cheating casino is when you win, it takes too long to cash out. Casinos hide under banking processes to ensure that you eventually use your casino chips to play.

How to Spot Blacklisted Casinos

We have a casino blacklist of all the rogue gambling sites that players in the United States have complained about. This list includes casinos you need to avoid by any means necessary. While they may not cheat you off your money, they generally leave a bad taste in your mouth. They have lousy customer support, fail to pay in time, security protocols susceptible to malware and hacking, as well as false advertising of bonuses and promotions. Should you experience any of these services or worse, close your account and visit the gambling sites we have reviewed and rated accordingly.

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