Online Casino Banking Options

Casino banking is obviously a very important area of online casino gaming; something that must be understood by all new players, and therefore it is worthwhile to discuss. There is no "right" or "wrong" method to deposit or withdrawal, but what it comes down to is what works best for the individual.

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Making Deposits

This is the step you must take in order to get involved in playing in an online casino. When you like what you see at a particular casino, you will move to the "Cashier" page (it may take on different names at some casinos) and investigate the process by which you will deposit money.

You will be furnished with a number of different payment methods, and after determining which of those are available for your jurisdiction, you decide which of them you want to use. Generally the decision comes down to a credit card, an electronic wallet (you may or may not have one of these accounts), an eCheck (simply an electronic check) or a wire transfer. It is relatively simple, and more often than not you will have a transaction that will not take very long. Then you can get in on the action!

Making Withdrawals

Withdrawals are very important, since when you sign up for an online casino you obviously have some expectations of taking money out. Hopefully you'll do so after a profit, but even if you don't, you still need to be aware of the methods of withdrawal that are available.

Our strongest recommendation is that you check into the avenues of withdrawal when you are observing the online casino for the first time. In some cases, the same method that was used for the deposit can be used to make a withdrawal. In other cases, you might only be able to receive funds through a check or a wire transfer. This makes a difference in terms of time, because even through many casinos tout "lighting-fast" withdrawals, the truth is that they will not be as fast as a deposit. Do your homework ahead of time, and you should be alright.

Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard & American Express)

Where you can use a credit card for depositing in an online casino, you should consider it because it is instant. There is no waiting when it comes to using a Visa or MasterCard.

There may be problems with a credit card, however. If you are located in the United States it may be difficult, because the banks associated with these credit cards are not supposed to be a party to this kind of transaction, and as a result, the merchant code will be rejected. Of course, some online casinos have circumvented this process.

Another problem may be your own reservations about sharing credit card information with a third-party online casino merchant. If this is something that bothers you, it may be worth your while to investigate one of the electronic wallet systems through which you can process a credit card transaction with a casino without having to put your information out there.


MyPaylinQ is an electronic payment method that is ideal for online casino gaming. One of the strengths of MyPaylinQ is that it allows your account to be funded in a number of different ways: through a major credit card, a debit card, or a personal checking account. If you are located in the United Kingdom or Europe you can also utilize UKash vouchers.

Skrill (Formerly Moneybookers)

Skrill is one of the most popular electronic wallet options in the world, but you may not know the name because it is relatively new. The name, that is. Skrill, you see, represents the re-branding of Moneybookers, which has gained acclaim with an international audience for reliability and service as a "go-to" wallet for online casino transactions.


NETELLER is a viable e-wallet solution for folks who want to engage in online casino gaming, and there are many casinos that not only recommend it, but offer an alternative deposit method bonus for using NETELLER for funding an account. However, NETELLER is not an option for United States customers, so you must find an alternative if you're trying to open an account from the U.S.

Wire Transfers

This is relatively simple. When you utilize this method, you are taking money out of your bank account and sending it to an online casino. Of course, since it involves actions on the part of banks, it is something that is officially prohibited in the United States. In the "good news" department, if you are facilitating a transaction through this method, it is highly possible that you can execute both deposits and withdrawals this way.

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