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Roulette is a simple game at its very essence, requiring you to out a wager on a number, or series of numbers, that you hope is going to appear as the result from the spinning of a wheel. Everybody has seen what the wheel looks like; it's got numbers from one (1) through thirty-six (36), along with a zero and/or double zero.

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There's a certain image about roulette that has been embedded in the minds of some people. There is nothing about the atmosphere surrounding an online roulette game that should make any player feel intimidated or uncomfortable. When you look at the online roulette game that is produced by casino software designers, the layout looks very much like the layout you'd encounter at a "real" casino.

The wheel spins just as it would in a physical casino as well. The ball will land in a slot, and that's the result that is going to determine whether you're a winner or not.

There are two versions of this game that are found at most online casinos - the American version and the European version. There is one major difference between the two. In the American version of roulette, the wheel has both a zero and a double-zero. In the European version the wheel has only the single zero. The consequence of this is that the chance of each of the numbers from 1-36 coming out on a spin of the wheel is going to be different between the two games. Numbers will have less of a chance of appearing in the American version, and as a result, wagers in this game, whether they are individual numbers or "even money" bets, are going to be less of a value to the player.

By the way, individual numbers on the wheel pay off at 35-to-1. Many of the other bets, as we mentioned, pay off at even money. Included in this group are the bets are the ones that are made between the Even or Odd numbers, the Red or Black, or the High or low.

You can also make a "Street Bet," in which you are going to take three numbers across a horizontal row and cover all of them. It follows that a "Double Street Bet" can cover two rows at once. The Street Bet pays off at 11-to-1, while the Double Street Bet is a 5-to-1 payout.

Many of the casinos you can play at make this is a very convenient experience. And you can create your own atmosphere, with genuine sounds of the spinning of the wheel. You'll also be able to keep track of the numbers where that roulette ball landed. Some players tend to like this, since it helps them decide which numbers to play next.

All the bets, once you learn what they are, do not present much of a problem to master. Just remember that roulette isn't the type of game where you are going to extract a long-term advantage over the house or even much of a chance to reduce the built-in edge. If you're looking for longshot payouts, however, there is a thrill involved if you hit one.

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