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Online slots are not that much different from those that are found at land-based casinos. In many cases, there is a lot more variety to be had. In fact, when you play at an online casino, you are truly taking the concept of slot games to a whole new level.

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Below is a listing of online casinos we've reviewed and ranked as being the best most trustworthy and reliable sites to play at. Each of these casinos is powered by software provided by highly acclaimed software providers featuring well over 300 games in many cases. Enjoy playing at transparant well regulated online casino sites today.

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One of the reasons online slots are so special is that you can play any kind of game that you want, from the classic three-reel slots to the more sophisticated video slots. These are all great games, and chances are that your overall experience will be enhanced by playing them in an online casino environment.

Part of the reason for that are also the animations and sound "extras" that come with these games. Many slot games in the online casino have a theme wrapped around them, and as a result the games will have characters associated with them. These characters are actual symbols in the game, so you'll be looking to "score" with them.

Instead of one payline across the reels, as there would be in a classic game, you can enable dozens of paylines in the video slot games, and that will afford you more and more ways to win. It also creates a certain flexibility in terms of your wagering with online slot games, in that you can pretty much bet whatever you want.

Slot games online give you a lot of different ways to win. On some of the games you'll encounter "wilds," which can complete any winning combinations, or "scatters," which, if they appear enough times on the screen, can take you right to a bonus game, which offers a chance to make more money that isn't a part of spinning the reels themselves. And on some virtual machines, you have the chance to increase your win by playing a "doubling" round.

Progressive jackpots are a big feature at many casinos, and what these do with slots is that they allow you to win a lot of money for a very small investment. Of course, they're jackpots, so they aren't very easy to win, but that does not detract from the thrill of playing and competing. Software producers such as Microgaming and Playtech have their own progressive networks that link up games among the casinos they service, and that makes the jackpots very big.

Online slots represent a big area of innovation in the casino gaming world. And this wouldn't happen to the degree that it has without the enormous demand players have shown. What you'll get online that you wouldn't necessarily get in a land-based casino is a game where you can exercise speed and sound controls. Some people enjoy feeding off the noise they may hear in a "physical" casino environment, and those folks can turn the sound up as much as they want.

Some software designers, of course, provide more in the way of options than others. Microgaming probably has more options than anyone else, because you can adjust anything you want, including the speed of the game, and can make it play by itself with the "AutoPlay" option.

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