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Utah Casinos

Updated on: July 20th, 2020

Utah Casinos & GamblingUtah gambling is non-resistant, as it is one of the only two states in the US without any type of gambling. There are no Utah casinos nor even a state lottery. Charities can’t even hold bingo raffles or games.

Indian tribes in Utah can’t offer any kind of gambling because none of them are legal at the state level and there is no government that has agreed to create a gaming compact.

There are, however, numerous establishments that hold events called “casino parties”. These are institutions that provide all of the games that are found in a casino.

Everything used is only for fun and free, like gaming on poker or blackjack on social gambling sites. Find out more, about what you can do in Utah here.

Utah Casinos & Gambling

  • Year Utah Regulated Gambling: N/A
  • Estimated Gambling Tax Revenue: $0
  • Projected Gambling Revenue: $0
  • Utah Gambling Age: Gambling is illegal
  • Utah Online gambling: All types are illegal under state law

Types of Utah Online Gambling

There are no types of legalized web casino gambling in Utah. State law forbids any of it. No casino sites operating in Utah has a license. This includes a casino, poker, daily fantasy sports, and even sports betting websites.

Daily fantasy sports gambling sites like FanDuel and DraftKings claim to be skill games and not even covered by this law.

Live Gambling in Utah

There are no types of live gambling permitted, this makes it even harder to find any casinos in Utah. Residents go to Wyoming for lotteries and horse racing. Nevada offers players casinos and sports betting action. Even though there are numerous tribes that reside within the state, Indian casinos in Utah don’t exist.

Utah online gambling

Gambling Laws in Utah

Utah does not allow any kind of gambling under state law as stated by the Utah Constitution:

Legislature shall not approve any game of chance, be of lottery or any gift enterprise under any pretence or for any purpose.

First offenders of gambling corruptions are guilty of a misdemeanor. Repeat offenders face felony charges.

Utah web gambling is illegal in all types. It is one of the states that organized this into law. This includes casino games, poker, and sports betting. It is a crime to play at any unlicensed gambling site.

Where to Gamble in Utah

There are no casinos in the state, gambling is non-existent and cannot be found anywhere. People that are looking for a casino in southern Utah can then drive to Mesquite in Nevada near the state line.

Las Vegas is one-hour further while Salt Lake City residents can also drive east to Evanston, Wyoming for horse racing and the lottery tickets. There are numerous Indian casinos north of Salt Lake City in Wyoming.

Utah Gambling History

Utah is a conservative state and home to the biggest Mormon population in the state. The majority of residents are divergent to gambling. There have been no attempts to authorize gambling in the state at any level, including also giving licenses for casinos in Utah.

In March 2012, the state also went a step further than its prohibition on all gambling. It made gambling online poker, casino games, and even sports betting a crime. This caused numerous offshore sites to leave the gaming market.

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