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Best Casino Superstitions USA – Top 10 Casino Superstitions

Best Casino SuperstitionsCasino superstitions are beliefs that certain behaviors or events could influence game outcomes. In fact, casino superstitions have been around since the first gambling game was played. According to most casual USA players, superstitions are a failsafe in games of chance. Since most strategies and other techniques can’t be guaranteed to work, players just want a little confidence.

These beliefs, though they might seem reasonable, could get USA players in trouble. After all, you’re already relying on Lady Luck, so why should anything else help? While we like to think crossing our legs or touching wood would keep bad luck at bay, there are some drawbacks. Even if you’re the luckiest person in the world, the chances of winning big consistently are low. So, here are some popular superstitions we’ve probably all believed at some point.

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Why Casino Superstitions Exist

Whether we like it or not, Americans can be very superstitious. Usually, we’ll only worry about black cats or walking under a ladder. However, when it comes to gambling, USA players can become very superstitious. Since the first dice game, card game, and roulette wheel, we’ve hoped to tempt fate by doing things. Of course, we can’t prove that they don’t work exactly, but there have been studies about superstitious people.

Casino superstitions and false idolatry are so widespread on gaming sites, I find that a fair number of games don’t acknowledge or permit such a thing, including the traditional folk superstitions with which I am more familiar. Some games are game creation, some games are game engineering, some games are game design. When designing games, you’re obliged to give yourself enough room to do so, because your efforts are a direct contribution to the game’s value. Of course, you don’t just have to design new features, you also have to re-imagine an existing one.

Popular Casino Superstitions

Bad Luck Gambling Fallacies

Bad Luck Casino SuperstitionsMost gambling superstitions around bad luck are pretty old, but they’ve stuck around. For most USA players, committing any of these top five casino superstitions will earn you the stink eye. After all, they’re well established in our culture by now. So, don’t do any of these if you want to win big at local casinos.

  1. 13 and 4 – in western culture, 13 is an infamously “bad” number. Meanwhile, 4 is the unluckiest number for most Chinese players. According to legend, four is an “almost-homophone for death” in Mandarin. As far as casino superstitions go, “books” is also unlucky.
  2. Crossing Your Legs – according to some gambling superstitions, crossing your legs at a gaming table is bad luck. So, sit up straight and keep your feet on the ground for a dose of good fortune.
  3. Counting Your Money at the Table – is seen as both bad manners, most USA players will say that there’s time enough for counting when you leave. Counting when the dealing is taking place is also bad luck while sitting at the table.
  4. Singing and Whistling – this might also be considered bad manners, but most USA players consider it bad luck to make a noise. Even if it’s a song the gambler thinks is lucky, this is just bad manners.
  5. $50 Bills – this is a fairly obscure casino superstition, but it’s common among Las Vegas players. As the $50 bill is considered unlucky in the casino, some players refuse them as payment for chips. According to legends, this stems from mob rule, where unlucky victims had $50 bills tucked into their jackets after they were taken out.

Good Luck Casino Superstitions

Good Luck Casino SuperstitionsTo earn the favor of Lady Luck, many superstitious casino players will tell you to do at least one of these things. One casino superstition that’s hard to avoid is which door to use. Most USA players think that, it’s unlucky to enter the casino through the front door, you’ll have bad luck. So, use a side entrance to enter the casino and avoid bad luck. Then, follow our top five tips for good luck below.

  1. Blowing on Dice – according to craps players, blowing on the dice will result in a lucky roll. However, this casino superstition is just as gross as it sounds. Someone else will likely have to touch them after you.
  2. Wearing Red – in Chinese culture, wearing red is considered lucky, so most casino players in Macau will be wearing something red. Betting on red at the roulette table is also considered lucky to some players.
  3. Lucky Charms – everybody knows about lucky charms, most commonly a four-leaf clover, rabbit’s foot, or a horse shoe. If you’ve ever wondered why so many casinos include these in their branding, now you know. In addition, some people believe that their partner could be lucky.
  4. Lucky Numbers – in western culture, we consider seven a lucky number. That’s why most slot machines feature the number. In Chinese culture, eight is also very lucky. Other casino superstitions for lucky numbers recommend birthdays or other significant events.
  5. Rituals – if you’ve got your lucky number, charm, and red clothes on, there’s one other casino superstition to consider. These include lucky rituals like calling a number, stacking your chips in a certain way and kissing your companion. Moreover, knocking on the wood of the table is considered lucky.

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