Casino games onlineWhether you’re a novice to online casinos and gambling online or a well-seasoned savvy player it’s always good to have a full understanding of the online casino games you intend to play before doing so. Here at we’ve put together guides and information for people looking to better understand the most popular casino games available at casino sites online.

Thanks to the virtual nature of these casino games, gambling sites are able to have thousands of games available at the tip of your finger. Also, there’s the allure of the casino bonus which US players wouldn’t usually find at land-based casinos. Even though you may not be in the bustle of a Las Vegas casino, winning at casino games online is still as thrilling as the traditional method of gambling.

In our guide to casino games, we’ll be taking a look at what goes into picking the right casino game for you, which is the best game to play at casino sites, the difference between playing for real money and for free, and some commonly asked questions about the best casino games you’ll find online. Read on for more about these exciting igames.

Top United States Casinos with the Best Real Money Casino Games

At our recommended best casino websites, you’ll find online casino games that you can play whenever you want. We at selected these sites because of the high number of the best casino games at US-friendly casino sites.


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Pros and Cons of Online Gambling Games

Before we get into the nitty gritty about casino games, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of playing casino games online. This wouldn’t be a comprehensive guide if we just glossed over the challenges US players may run into playing online.


Let’s take a look at the advantages of casino games online:

  • Entertainment: the main purpose of playing casino games is to entertain yourself. Making money is a secondary factor.
  • Comfort and convenience: imagine playing a real money blackjack casino game from the comfort of your bed? That’s what you get with playing online casino games. All you need is a strong internet connection.
  • Suits all budgets: casino games cater to all budget types. Not only are there free games to play, the real money casino games for US players have very low minimum bet limits. You can play a game with as little as $5.
  • Thousands of the best casino games: at top-rated US casino sites, there are thousands of top real casino games. You can have your pick from hundreds of the latest free slots casino games, blackjack, roulette, and even live-dealer games. Furthermore, there are speciality games and lotteries.
  • Bonuses and promotions: US-friendly gambling websites offer incentives for players to join their site and continue playing their casino games. Get free US$ when you sign up to play!
  • Privacy and security: for US players that don’t like people watching them play then online gambling games are for you. Additionally, if you play at a regulated and trustworthy US site, you don’t have to about being robbed of your winnings.


Now for the disadvantages that come with playing casino games at internet casinos:

  • Convenience: the best US casinos online are easily accessible, especially for US gamblers that have a problem with gambling. It’s easy to get carried away if you don’t pay attention to how much you’re playing and spending on gambling games win real money.
  • Risk of playing at rogue casinos: our top-notch casinos online are licensed and regulated companies with your best interests at heart. But, in the effort to find the best casino games, US players may find themselves at the hands of dishonest casino operators. Make sure to check reviews on the site or just use our recommended casinos. They offer both fun free games and real money games.
  • No social interaction: if you play casino games for the social element then playing online may be boring for you. Unless, you play live-dealer versions of social games. However, these still don’t match the buzzing atmosphere of a real casino.
  • Legal issues: some states in America may not have fully legalized online gambling. Furthermore, there are some restrictive laws with processing gambling transactions. If US-players want to play casino games at off-shore casinos, they need to check what their state’s regulations are.

Playing Real Money Casino Games vs Free Version

A great feature about finding the best game to play at a casino that’s online is they can be for real money or for free. This means that US players have the option to play their game without spending any cash or depositing USD and win real money. However, there’s more to these two modes than this. Let’s take a look below.

Real Money Casino Games

  • Players get access to US dollar winnings and bonuses.
  • There’s an extra thrill when playing for real money casino games.
  • You’ll also have the chance to win huge jackpot prizes.
  • US players that spend real money get access to loyalty points which come with great benefits and rewards.

Free Casino Games

  • Using the free demo mode allows players to practice playing the best casino games, using different strategies without the risk of losing money.
  • Free games to play allows you to test out new games to see if you like the gameplay or not.
  • If you don’t have any US$ and still want to play online casino games, you can do so.
  • Finally, US players don’t have to share their banking information to get access to the best casino games.

Casino Games for US Players

One way of distinguishing a great casino site from an average one is the variety of games they have on offer for US gamblers. Here are the most common games you’ll find at a United States internet casino.

online baccarat iconBaccarat

Around for hundreds of years, this card game is popular with Chinese gamblers at US casinos. It’s also a hit at US-friendly gambling sites. It’s the best game to play at casino for those that don’t like to remember a lot of rules. Furthermore, the online version is a favorite among high rollers. Learn more about baccarat online with our guide.

online blackjack iconBlackjack

Online blackjack can offer the same thrill it as when you play it at a land-based casino. Players who exercise good strategy, money management, and some judgment will get some fun out of this casino game. Anyone looking to add a little more spice to their game can find a number of versions of the game to enjoy either as fun free games or as real money casino games. Find out more about blackjack online with our guide.

craps online iconCraps

Craps is a legendary dice game which has a very distinct image in gambling lore. Certainly, it has been a staple in land-based casinos for many years. Therefore, it has also gathered steam as one of the best casino games online. However, it takes on a bit of a different character when played online as there isn’t a crowded table. For a more socially interactive game, try out live-dealer craps. Learn more about online craps with our guide to the virtual game.

live casinos dealer iconLive-Dealer Games

This is simply the combination of digital gameplay coupled with a live game dealer. Basically, live-dealer casino games involve a dealer being streamed playing the game while players interact with them through the game’s software and a live chat function. Generally, the casino games that players will find at a live casino are table games like roulette and craps; blackjack and poker. Find out more about live-dealer games in our live casinos guide.

roulette online iconRoulette

Roulette online is a simple game at its very essence. Its game play is very much the same as the land-based casino version but you’re playing against a computer than a croupier. Everything else is the same where you are required to put a wager on a number, or series of numbers of where the ball will land after the spinning of a wheel. Everybody has seen what the wheel looks like; it’s got numbers from one (1) through thirty-six (36), along with a zero and/or double zero depending on the variation. Get more information on roulette online casino games at our roulette guide.

online scratch cards iconScratch Cards

A fairly new introduction to the virtual casino games library, online scratch cards function the same way as the real version. You have to scratch off the covering to reveal the icons underneath. Playing US scratch cards online also relies on pure luck. Our guide on digital scratch cards has more information on these online casino games.

online sic bo iconSic Bo

This three-dice game is instantly recognisable. The online version is still about betting on the outcome of the dice roll but they are digitized and randomized by a computer. Learn more about sic bo online at our guide.

video poker online iconVideo Poker

When you play video poker casino games, you aren’t playing poker the way you would be playing it in a poker room, whether online or offline. Comparatively, one could say that it’s a combination between slots and poker. Online video poker games are about landing poker card combinations and you can play it with a number of decks. It is a great innovation in online casinos but it is, at its heart, very simple. Find out more about video poker gambling games in our guide.

Real Money Online Slots

online slots icon

Online slots are not that much different from those that are found at land-based casinos. In many cases, there is a lot more variety to be had. In fact, when you play at an online gambling site, you are truly taking the concept of slot games to a whole new level. Furthermore, there are free casino slots with bonus games and free online slots in general.

Slots have been the staple at the best USA online gambling sites since they were migrated from the land-based variation. This is because, not only were they easy to imitate online, they were something US gamblers could immediately recognize. Playing online slots are convenient because the games are accessible from anywhere and at any time.

Another great advantage to playing at casino sites is that US bettors have the opportunity to either play in free demo mode or for real money. Most players use the demo mode to practice and when they’re ready to take on the computer, they use the real money mode to cash in on the payouts.

Read our guide on virtual slots for more info.

How We Rate New Casino Games

Below are the factors that we look at when rating online casino games that we recommend to you.

  • Look at the software provider: casino software developers tend to specialize in specific games while others make everything. We look at the graphics quality and sound design from the developer. The more common casino games developers at the best US casinos online are Realtime Gaming (RTG), BetSoft, and Rival Gaming.
  • Its bonus rounds and jackpots: this is another way of gauging if it’s the best game to play at a casino. Are the bonus feature rounds entertaining? How easy it is to win the jackpot?
  • The mobile version: since it’s all about mobile gaming lately, a top-notch casino will have a mobile free casino games app or the game will be compatible with mobile devices. Also, can you play free games online without downloading?

What is a Casino House Edge?

The casino house edge is the mathematical term used to describe the advantage a casino site has over the players. It’s generally known as the house advantage and indicates how much of your bet goes to the casino (i.e. the house) itself. After all, the primary objective of a casino is to make money. However, the house edge varies between different casino games. Games that have a house edge higher than 5% are considered losses and should be avoided. Let’s take a look at some online casino games and their house edge.

Top 5 Games with the Lowest House Edge

Let’s take a look at some online casino games and their house edge.

  1. Jacks or Better video poker – house edge is at 0.46%: out of the many versions of this game, it’s the best game to play at casino site. It has the best odds and it’s about holding onto a pair or better.
  2. Blackjack – house edge is more or less 0.5%: this game has many options and strategies. Furthermore, players can control the outcome and even learn how to count cards.
  3. Poker – house edge is a fixed fee: one of the most popular card casino games, poker’s house edge against other players. The fee either depends on the size of the pot or is set by the house.
  4. Baccarat – house edge is 1.3%: because of the low requirement for skill, baccarat is relatively easy to play. Just learn the card combinations. Also, it has odds that are more or less in line with the dealer’s.
  5. Craps – house edge is more or less 1.4%: the craps table is somewhat complex because there are so many betting options. To get the lowest house edge out of craps online casino games, go for Don’t Come/Don’t Pass bets.

online casino games USA

Casino Games Online FAQs

Are online casino games legal?

Yes, if you’re playing at a licensed casino site then the casino games are legal. They’re just a digital version of the ones at land-based casinos.

Are casino games rigged?

No, casino games online aren’t rigged. In fact, they are tested regularly by third-party auditors before being certified as safe and fair. They are generally tested by agencies like eCOGRA and TST. Look for their logos at the bottom of the site.

How do I choose a good casino?

The simplest tip we could give you is to look at our recommended casinos above. We have reviewed them and tested to see if they meet our high levels of quality. Check their bonus offers, wagering requirements, banking options, security features, customer service, and casino games on offer for a good site.

Which games are best for beginners?

Most US players that are new to online gambling games tend to go for free video slots while others prefer roulette. Essentially, it’s up to the player, and how much they read up on the game and practice at a free online casino.

Are there any free games that I can download?

Yes, there are free games and real money casino games that you can download. These can be downloaded onto your mobile device or desktop.

Are there any betting limits on online casino games for real money?

This depends on the online casino you’re playing at. Some may have limits while others don’t.

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