online scratch cardsOnline scratch cards were first introduced to online gambling sites in 2010. Technological developments afforded casino sites the ability to host these games on their sites available for American players to enjoy. The reason the game was made available at virtual casinos was because of their popularity from lottery retail outlets around the country.

Now there are a lot of versions of these games available on the internet for you to play for fun or real money. As the name suggests, scratch cards are relatively easy to play because you just have to scratch and hope that you will strike it lucky.

Best Online Scratch Cards US Casino Sites


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$3,000 Bonus



$200 Bonus


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NZ $800 Bonus


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$1000 Bonus

What you’ll find in this online scratch cards guide:

How to Play Online Scratch Cards

There is not that much that is required when you play scratch cards online. A reliable or secure internet connection, top-rated US casino sites, and a budget to start your internet gambling. Here are simple steps that will guide you on how the game of scratch cards is played online.

  • Choose a casino site that has online scratch cards on selection.
  • Navigate to the version that interests you.
  • Wager your money on the game.
  • Click on the new card button.
  • When the card has loaded, then you can start scratching.
  • You can use your mouse to scratch the card, or you can click the automated button that will scratch the card for you.
  • The scratching will reveal symbols on the card, and when you match three of the symbols you win.

play online scratch cards

Tips for US Scratch Cards Online

Games such as scratch cards are games of chance. Meaning that there is no sure way of beating the house and winning. With other casino games, you can use strategies. However, with this game luck counts more than strategies, since there’s no way of predicting what you’ll get. On the other hand, there are certain things you can do to help you enjoy your gaming experience while playing the game.

  • Pick an online casino that is safe and regulated.
  • Payouts on scratch cards is low, don’t chase your losses hoping to get your money back.
  • Set a budget for playing this game or any other casino game.

Unlike other games where we advise you to try various versions of the game rather stick to one version. The payouts are not different unless if you are interested in the theme of the game.

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