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Backlisted Casinos You Should Avoid

Updated on: January 11th, 2024

Casino Blacklist USA With so many casinos on the internet, a casino blacklist is necessary to make players aware of which sites to avoid. Our casino blacklist will help players distinguish between the good from the bad casinos.

We will answer questions like, how do you know that a casino is safe? Also, we’ll give you the reasons why particular casinos should be avoided. There is no reason why players should be scared because this page covers everything that they must know. You will

Top USA Casino Sites


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Blacklisted Online Casinos

A blacklisted casino is a gaming site that has a history of bad business practices and unfair gaming. US players who are worried about their safety while playing games on the internet can relax. One thing that you can do is to check whether your casino is legit or not. That’s why we have compiled a complete list of rogue casino sites you should avoid.

How Casinos Are Blacklisted

There are many casinos that don’t have the interest of players. We discuss web-based casinos that have been flagged in order to help players select the most trusted online casinos. Listed below are issues players may come across which usually lands a casino on the casino blacklist.

Manipulate the Random Number Generator

Every casino on the internet uses a random number generator (RNG), making sure that the outcomes of the games are random. If a casino cheats players by rigging the results in their favor, they are in the wrong. A casino will get blacklisted should they not have fair games.

Slow Paying

Some casinos will accept your deposit but give you a hard time when they have to payout. Most reputable internet casinos payout players in just a couple of days, while others take several weeks. It’s clear to see that a casino that doesn’t payout immediately is definitely not one to be trusted.

Giving False Information

US players may have witnessed a casino that promises attractive bonuses and promotions but doesn’t deliver. The reality is that there are casinos that will deliberately lie to players about their deals. As a result, players have to work extra hard to get the bonuses that they end up not receiving. It is prudent to go through the terms and conditions page before you sign up to a casino.

Email Flooded With Spam

Online casinos will always try to advertise the latest promotions and games. Casinos will give USA players more details about brand new games and promotions. There is a right way to do this. The moment a casino sends too many emails about promotions and it becomes spam, it’s a red flag in our books.

Other Issues With Rogue Casinos

Here are some more problems that make give a casino a bad reputation. Sites on our blacklist also exhibit these issues:

  • Unreliable software company
  • Bad and unprofessional customer support
  • No licenses or regulation
  • Safety and security, not a priority
Casino Blacklist

How We Compiled Our Casino Blacklist

We take our time to come up with a casino blacklist to ensure that Americans are safe. Therefore, we have mentioned the worst things that a casino can do which gets them blacklisted. Our research is thoroughly vetted and includes player complaints about the casinos.

To test whether or not casinos are truthful, we play real money games on their websites for a first-hand experience. When we find that a casino is lying we try by all means to get a hold of the management. Rest assured in knowing that the casinos that fit in this category are blacklisted because they are crooks.

Why Trust Best Casino Sites Online?

All the gambling sites that we recommend are reliable and have been reviewed. Players from the USA can play casino games on our recommended sites knowing that they have the following:

  • Guaranteed payouts during a specific time period.
  • A range of deposit and withdrawal methods.
  • Find the best bonuses and promotions.
  • Safety and security measures in place.

Casino Blacklist Frequently Asked Questions

Do casinos get removed from the blacklist?

Yes, but it may take some time. Casinos that have been previously blacklisted need to show that they have changed. This involves showing that their games are secure and they are not stealing from players. Rogue casinos that have taken a player’s money without paying have to pay it back.

Does one bad casino make others bad as well?

No, good casinos cannot take the fault for casinos that mislead players. There are recommended casinos that have the right software and license to operate.

Can you blacklist yourself from a casino?

Yes, casinos offer the option of self-exclusion to players that want to bar themselves from playing casino games. You will be denied entry and access to games once your deregistration is completed.

What is the best real money casino game to play and win?

Blackjack is one of the simplest games that players can enjoy and win cash. It also offers players one of the highest odds of winning.

What is the most trusted online casino?

The best online casinos 2024 are Ignition Casino, Planet 7 Casino, Café Casino, All Star Slots Casino, Vegas Crest Casino, and Bovada Casino.

Do internet casinos cheat?

Yes, some casinos are known for rigging games, slow payments, unresponsive customer service, and many other bad business practices. If you are not able to win, there is no reason to deposit money at that casino.

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