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Best Western Union Casinos Online

Updated on: March 8th, 2024

Western UnionWestern Union is one of the oldest money transfer systems in the world.  The method has been trusted by online merchants for centuries dating back to 1871. Western Union transactions are a safe and reliable way to send money from your personal account into your casino account.

You are guaranteed extra safety when the transactions occur directly on the website. The service allows deposits as well as withdrawals to be made and there is no waiting period. All transactions are processed immediately and the money should reflect in your account at the same time.

We don’t assume that everyone knows what Western Union is, and we think it’s important to make that clear, for first-time gamblers especially. Western Union is a financial institution that you can use to make casino banking transactions between accounts instantaneously.

Casinos that Accept Western Union Real Money Deposits


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Rating: 4.8/5

98% Payout

$5000 Bonus 98% Payout - Rating: 4.8/5

What is Western Union?

In 2012 the establishment carried out over 231 million money transfers from 500,000 agent locations in the 200 countries that it operates in around the world. These customer transactions amounted to about USD79 billion! Their combined business transactions amounted to more than that with a tally of USD432 billion. Western Union does charge a fee for the service they provide and the fee amount depends on the amount of money you would like to transfer as well as the country you are in. The standard charge limit is between 14% and 18%.

best western union casinos in usa
We live in the digital age and players have grown fond of playing casino games on their mobile phones.  Those we enjoy the convenience that the online space affords customers will be happy to know that Western Union also has a freely downloadable mobile app that’s available to all. This means that you can make casino deposits using your mobile device!

How Does It Work?

In its most basic function, Western Union transfers an amount of money from one account to another. To make use of its services, you can visit any one of the 500,000 Western Union branches worldwide. You can also locate the closest branch to where you stay by clicking in the locator button seen on the website.

An agent will assist you by collecting the money along with a few details of the recipient like his or her name, contact details, and address. As proof of payment, you’ll receive money transfer control number (MTCN) which consists of 10 digits as well as a printed receipt.

You’ll then provide the recipient with the MTCN number which will enable the person to collect the money at any one of the Western Union buildings, from anywhere in the world. They might need to give information about themselves like an ID number for verification purposes.

You can also process the same transaction online through the Western Union website using your Visa or Mastercard credit card. The online service, however, is only available to users in 23 countries.

Western Union has a fee for the service it provides. The amount you pay depends on how much you are transferring as well as the country you live in. Normally Western Union charges 14%-18% for the amount transferred.

Best Western Union Casinos

Casinos that Take Western Union Payments

As an avid player, one of your questions might be “well where can I find casinos that have Western Union as a deposit method”? We’ve made everything so much easier for you. Have a look at the casinos we have listed below. Each of them has Western Union included as a payment service.

  • Diamond VIP Casino
  • Black Diamond Casino
  • Golden Palace Casino
  • Mona VIP Casino
  • Sportsbook Casino
  • Intertops Casino Classic

Deposits and Withdrawals at Western Union

Making deposits and withdrawals is fairly straightforward if you follow the prompts correctly. It is a great alternative to credit and debit card payment methods online. Follow our easy steps to making these transactions below.

How to Make a Transfer Online

Step 1: Sign Up

The first thing you need to do is register an online account at a Western Union casino, that’s standard procedure. Be sure to specifically search for casinos that accept this payment method. We recommend anyone of the casinos in our table above or the ones we have listed for you previously. Once your account is all set up, you’ll be ready to make your first deposit.

Step 2: Contact Western Union Customer Support

Now that your account is all set up, the next thing you do is contact customer support. The support agent will assist you with the process of transferring money . Be prepared to answer a few questions. Once you’ve answered, he or she will provide you with the information (tracking number) you’ll need to complete the transaction to your online casino account.

Step 3: Decide How You Want to Make the Transaction

At this point, you’ll have to decide exactly how you want to process the request and you have one of three options: You can either complete the service telephonically with the help of a Western Union agent; Online, where you’ll have to create a Western Union profile on the website; or face to face. The last option requires that you visit a physical branch.


Western Union Casino USA

How to Make Withdrawals

Withdrawals at Western Union work pretty much the same as deposits, except here, the online casino orders the transaction and handles the entire process on your behalf. So, when you would like to withdraw your casino winnings you need to contact the casino and notify them. They will arrange everything and provide you with an MTCN number which you’ll use to collect your money at the nearest branch.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Western Union has been around for a long time, so they must be doing something right. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using this payment method at an online casino in the United States.


  • Safety is important for online players and this is one of the safest casino banking options around.
  • When you deposit money into your online casino account you become eligible to receive a casino bonus.
  • The transfer service is flexible and offers players many ways in which they can make transactions.


  • We’ve mentioned previously that the standard service charge is between 14% and 18%. This is rather costly and can easily become too expensive for some.
  • Face to face deposits at an actual Western Union venue can be time-consuming.

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