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The online casino world is a highly competitive industry, and so it is an atmosphere where various gaming establishments are fighting for the business of a finite number of players. Many of them do it by offering casino bonuses, which serve as incentives for customers to sign up with a casino.

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No Deposit Bonuses

Some of the bonuses offered by a casino take the form of a "No Deposit" bonus. How do these work? Well, the standard in the business is that a new customer will receive a bonus from a casino after making an initial deposit. A no deposit bonus represents a departure from that, though only to an extent. When a casino offers a no deposit bonus, it is giving a new player some bonus money as an incentive and for the purposes of that customer being able to try out some of the games the casino has to offer, without risk. There are a number of other residual purposes for this; some players play a casino's games for fun for a while without ever signing up, and this is a preferable route for the casino to send them on. Also, a casino gets the player off to a good start if he or she is successful.

Either way, any money that is won during the time a player is making use of a no deposit bonus, within limits, can be placed into a real money account. However, the player cannot just walk with the money. In any case scenario, the player must ultimately open up an account to be able to take advantage of any winnings associated with the no deposit bonus.

Free Time/Free Credits Bonuses

This is a creative way for the casino to get you acquainted with the product they have to offer. What they will do is offer you a free deal without having to deposit anything. So you may, for example, get an hour to play in the casino, with a certain amount of credits, and on specified games, with the opportunity to win as much as you possibly can. It's kind of like a supermarket shopping spree (older folks will remember the TV show "Supermarket Sweep.").

Some casinos let you play a wide range of games in this exercise, while others restrict you to certain games. If you don't win anything, you're likely to get a nice welcome bonus anyway; that is, if you make an initial deposit with the casino.

Deposit Bonuses

This is what you will find at most online casinos. It is a very simple proposition on the surface; you deposit money into a casino, and the casino gives you a bonus for doing so. The only differences between casinos involves how appetizing the bonus is, and what the player has to do to cash it out.

How much of a bonus does a casino give a player? Well, it depends. It could be 50%. It could be 100%. It could be even more than that. There are casinos that offer a 400% bonus to new players. What that means, by the way, is that the player will be credited with four times the amount of the initial deposit upon that transaction's completion. The bigger bonuses, in terms of percentage, come with slot games. Most bonuses allow you more credit toward cashing it out if you play slots, although some creative casinos give out table games or blackjack bonuses.

While some initial signup bonuses are a one-time thing, others might make it a more extended process, giving away welcome bonus money on the first three, five, eight or even ten deposits. These usually have to be transacted within a specified time. You must out a certain amount of money into action before being eligible to cash out a bonus; this is usually between 25 and 40 times deposit plus bonus.

Monthly Bonuses

Once a customer has signed up for a casino, and the initial signup bonus has been used and cashed, how does the casino keep the incentives going to maintain the player? Obviously there are a lot of things, including the quality of the games and customer service, which can be factors. Another factor could also be the continuation of a bonus program for the player. This is easy enough to understand.

Different casinos do this is different ways. It is not uncommon for a special day to be earmarked for a bonus promotion, and some places like to highlight a game they are trying to promote as one in which they will offer bonuses for a customer to play.

There is also the idea of a monthly bonus. This is, in effect, a reload bonus, in which the player could be given a bonus upon the first deposit of each month. This could be a 100% match bonus, although usually it is less. It might be a part of the initial bonus package, where the casino guarantees a new player $5000 in bonuses over the course of a year. But it is not a bad way to keep bonus-conscious players around and keep them interested, and shows players that their business is highly appreciated.

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