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eSports Betting Sites

Updated on: June 25th, 2020

eSports The world of video games is rapidly growing in popularity, and eSports are quickly becoming a favorite in the gaming industry. While many do not consider eSports a part of mainstream sports, eSports are real sports. The video games require ten same levels of concentration and competitiveness as regular sports.

The betting phenomenon has millions of fans, but there are still a number of people who are confused by the entire concept. There are a number of genres, such as sports, shooters, battle royales, and more. Players practice and compete in their desired genre or game at a professional level. Much like football or basketball teams do.

We have put together a guide on eSports with everything that you need to know. We look at eSport tournaments, the types of games you can play as wells a few tips to get you started.

Best eSports Casino Sites


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What is eSports?

In simple terms, eSports is a type of competitive video gaming. The word eSports stands for Electronic Sports. Competitors face off in different games and tournaments. The competitive video gaming world sees a range of gamers compete for large amounts of money. The gaming world allows for multiplayer gaming with various gameplay modes, places, and games to be played.

There are several gaming platform players can join as individuals or teams. The game is played for real money or just for the thrill. There are often tournaments that offer billions of dollars in prize money.

eSports Tournaments

The eSports tournaments happen on a large scale, and players can enjoy the games from the comfort of their homes. There are several tournaments, and league players should really look into betting on. Here are the top tournaments bettors should keep their eye one:

  1. League of Legends World Championships
  2. Fortnite World Cup
  3. The international 10
  4. Call of Duty League Championship
  5. Overview World Cup
eSports Betting Sites

Type of eSports Games

Similar to casino games, eSports has a variation of games. In most cases, the popular games will have more players and tournaments. It is also easy making bets on these types of titles. While the list of popular games may change regularly, there are always new titles to try out. Here is a list of some of the most popular games you can bet on:

  • Call Of Duty
  • League of Legends
  • FIFA
  • Fortnite
  • Madden
  • Dota 2
  • CS: GO
  • Apex Legends
  • Overwatch
  • PUBG

Esports Betting

Now that you know a bit more about electronic sports, you can learn about the different bets. These are some of the basic betting options available

Real Money Betting

The standard form of Betting Is the closest to traditional sports. It works similarly to bets in other sports all you have to do is make a bet on a prediction

Skin Betting

Skin Betting is a popular eSports betting type that is also unique to the concept. Players will make bets using in-game currency or items in the game. There are websites where gamblers can swap, buy, or sell currencies for popular video games.

Challenge Betting

The head-to-head Betting allows players to compete against one another for items, skins, or real money.  There are online websites that organize contests where players have to pay an entry fee. Some players will organize these contests themselves set the wagers or prize money when the contest is over.

Social Betting

This is an informal bet made between you, a friend or online acquaintance. There are many online communities where social bets are allowed. Bets can be made in skins, items ore real money. Some of the popular communities include Call of Duty and Fortnite.

Popular Esports Betting Lines

Like with traditional sports, eSports have several bets that you can make. These are some of the bets that you paced on electronic sports tournaments.

  • Live Betting: these bets are made on the match are in-play
  • Match-winner: this is a bet on the ultimate winner of a match will be
  • Spreads: the betting site will set a favorite, underdog, as well as an expected scoreline. You can make a bet on the favorite or underdog that will overcome the line.
  • Futures: this is a bet on the player or team that will win the tournament
  • Props: this type of bet depends on the game. It is a bet based on the various events in the game, such as who will score first or who will qualify for a particular position.

FAQS on Esports History

What is the biggest game in esports?

The biggest game is League of Legends. Apart from LoL, FIFA, Call of Duty as well as Dota 2 are pretty popular battle royale games.

Is Esports really a sport?

Yes, are the virtual version of sports where players can practice and be as competitive as in the real sports.

What mobile games are esports?

The mobile eSports games include sports, battle royal as well as eSports racing.

How do I join esports?

You can take part in gambling form by setting up an account with a web-based casino that offers the electronic sports.

Why is it called Esport?

eSports is the electronic version of sports. Hence the letter e before the word sports.

Is Esports bigger than sports?

No, eSports is growing in popularity; however, it would take years for the concept to grow bigger than traditional sports.

Why is eSports so popular?

It is a fun way to enjoy sports or gaming with friends or online acquaintances. The best part is that you stand to win real money from simply gaming.

What was the first eSport?

The very first eSports was Space Wars dating back to 1972

How much do eSports players make?

Players make about $3,000-to-$5,000 every month and stand to win over $15,000 in tournaments.

What does esports stand for?

eSports stands for Electronic Sports

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