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Best Chemin de Fer Casino Sites 2021

top chemin de fer casinos usaUS players who are big fans of baccarat will have heard of the term “Chemin de Fer” before. As one of the oldest variations of baccarat, it has proven to be a favorite of true fans of the game. However, it is not a particularly popular one. In fact, gamblers will have a hard time finding it at both brick-and-mortar casinos and gambling sites. That said, there are still some casinos outside of Europe that offer their players the opportunity to experience it for themselves.

If you would like to find out more about casino Chemin de Fer, make sure to keep it on this page. Below we have a good look at how to play this ancient variation, the best strategies to use while playing it and the history of the game itself. We also recommend some US online casinos to look at if you are looking to playing any form of baccarat. So, what are you waiting for? Read through our guide and begin playing today!

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What is Chemin de Fer?

best chemin de fer casinos usa
Chemin de Fer (also known as Chernay or Shimmy) is a variation of online baccarat considered to be one of the original forms of the modern game. The game is hugely popular in Europe and South America. Although it isn’t often seen in US casinos, there are a few brick-and-mortar casinos and casino sites that do offer it.

There are a few differences between Chemin de Fer and more popular versions of baccarat, such as Punto Banco, which we get into in our how to play guide below.

How to Play Chemin de Fer

top chemin de fer strategy
Chemin de Fer features rules that differ from more popular versions of baccarat – Punto Banco and Baccarat Banque. Basically, unlike in other versions of the game, players are allowed to bet against each other and they manage the bank themselves. If you’re still a little bit confused about how this all works, just follow the steps below and you’ll be good to go in no time:

  1. Every game starts with players nominating how much they would like to bet on the upcoming hand. Players must bet in order from the person left from the banker. The banker is only able to bet on themselves and player wagers cannot surpass the banker wager amount.
  2. Once bets are dealt with, the banker deals four cards – two to him or herself and two to the player with the highest bet. If either of the two players is dealt a natural nine, they must immediately reveal their cards.
  3. If a player has been dealt a seven or less, they get to choose how they deal with the hand. They can opt-in on drawing a third card or decide against it. (In general, players tend to stay on a six or seven but draw on anything lower.) There are no rules stipulating that you need to draw a third card.
  4. The result of the game determines whether or not the player with the role of the banker will change. If the banker wins the hand, they remain the banker. If they don’t, the player to the left of them becomes the new banker.

Best Chemin de Fer Strategy

how to play chemin de fer
If you’re looking for tips to use while playing Chemin de Fer, we have got a few here that are sure to help you win. We cannot guarantee that these tips will ensure victory in every game (as that isn’t a strategy, it’s just cheating), we can say that they will help you pick up more wins than losses. So, the next time you play Chemin de Fer, keep these in mind:

  • Check the odds for games – some games offer better odds than others, which may mean better payouts on particular bets. Try to find the casino offering the best odds.
  • Practice bankroll management – ensure that you are fully aware of how much cash you have in your bankroll and bet accordingly. You should never bet more 10% of your bankroll at one time.
  • Quit while you’re winning – some American players tend to take game sessions a little too far. If you’ve got a profit and you see the cycle is starting to turn, make sure to stop gaming while you’ve still in the positive.
  • Don’t chase your losses – if you’ve gone bust, make sure that you don’t deposit more cash into your casino account with the aim of trying to win that money back. Especially, if you cannot afford to lose that cash. Rather wait until you are not emotionally tied to winning your money back and then make another deposit.

History of Chemin de Fer

best chemin de fer games usa
Chemin de Fer is supposedly the original form of baccarat. This has been contested due to the name of the game meaning “railroad” in French. The first railroads appeared in France in the mid-19th century whereas the game has allegedly been in existence since the 15th century. This suggests that although the game may not be the true original form of baccarat, it is the closest version to the modern version of the game.

Chemin de Fer became the preferred version of the game in France in 1837. The game continued to grow in popularity across Europe, eventually making its way to the United States sometime in the 20th century. This version of the game remained extremely popular in the United States until the introduction of Punto Banco in 1957.


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