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Poker Tournaments

Updated on: November 9th, 2020

Poker tournament popularity hit the big time in the mid-2000s with the introduction of the WSOP. Since then, many players interested in these tournaments whether it is online or at land-based venues. Online poker made tournaments even more interesting because you can play them from anywhere you are.

Poker TournamentsWhile land-based poker tournaments are scheduled days or even week in advance, online tournaments are available to play all the time with thousands of players taking part. Wherever the tournament may take place, you are sure to enjoy participating. Find out more about poker tournaments below and where to play online.

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What is a Poker Tournament?

Tournaments are events that are predetermined with a start and end time. Players will buy tickets for the event and they will also get chips to participate in the tournament. Players will get eliminated when they have lost all their chips. 10% of the starting number of players will get paid once the poker tournament is over. The buy-in for the tournament can start anywhere from pennies and reach up to $1 million. The $1 million buy-in is the most expensive in poker so far.

Types of Poker Tournaments

There are different types of poker tournaments that you can take part in. We will look at them below:

Multi-Table Tournaments

These are the standard tournaments in online poker and happen over multiple tables. There will also be a specified number of players for each table with a starting time. When players have been eliminated from tables and the number of players at the table is uneven, they are moved to other tables.

These kinds of tournaments are usually hard to win but when you do win, you will win a big prize. You can enjoy these kinds of tournaments with SCOOP, PokerStars WCOOP, and the 888poker XL Series.

Sit and Go Tournaments

Sit & Go’s usually start when the tables are all occupied. There are usually one or two tables with three players getting a prize when they win. These kinds of tournaments are perfect for new poker players since they can use them as a way to get experience in poker tournaments. However, you will have to be fast in finding a table because spots are filled quickly.

Satellite Tournaments

Satellite tournaments are for players to win buy-in for other tournaments. What’s more, you can also win all-expense-paid vacations.

Weekly Tournaments

At online poker sites, they hold weekly poker tournaments. They have big prize pools and are popular amongst poker players. The most popular weekly poker tournament is the PokerStars Sunday Million which has guaranteed a $1 million prize pool but has a buy-in of $200.

Online Poker Tournaments

Top 5 Poker Tournaments in the US

The top five that we are going to list below are the various tournaments that US players can take part in. They are perfect for amateurs and high rollers.

  • World Series of Poker (WSOP) – It is an annual event that holds 60 tournaments which happen between May and July. With each event, there are bracelets that to winners with some being more prestigious than others.
  • World Poker Tour (WPT) – This tournament offers, elite, high, medium, and low-level multi-table tournaments. The WPT poker tournaments are popular because there are also broadcast live on TV. These events have become entertaining for many players and viewers and they are aired nationally.
  • WSOP Circuit – The circuit events are a smaller version of the main WSOP event and take part in various places across America. There are 21 stops that tournaments make and players receive a ring when they win.
  • WPT DeepStacks – Similar to the WSOP Circuit tournaments, the DeepStakes is also a smaller version of the main WPT tournament. They offer low stakes for players who are interested in getting in on the action.
  • Heartland Poker Tour – It is a poker-based TV show which is aired every week of the year. It has a buy-in of $200 and prizes of $1500 but this is dependent on the venue.

FAQs About Poker Tournaments

How much does it cost to enter poker tournaments?

Entry fees for poker tournaments are different depending on the event you decide to take part in. You will find free entry and also entries that start at $20 going up to $1 million to take part.

Can you cash out in a poker tournament?

Unfortunately, you can’t cash out any of the chips that you get for participating in the tournament. You won’t also be able to cash out during the tournament.

How long is a poker tournament?

The time that the poker tournament varies and is dependent on the number of players, game, and levels. For example, a tournament with six seaters will last about an hour. However, some tournaments can last several hours.

Can you make a living playing in poker tournaments?

It is possible to make a living playing in poker tournaments. The prize pools for the events are sizeable and enough to make a living with. However, you have to dedicate time and work to become a poker tournament pro.

Can you leave a poker tournament?

Unfortunately, you can’t leave a poker tournament willingly. You have to lose to exit the game. It is with cash poker games where you can choose to leave a game.

How hard is it to win a poker tournament?

Since there are a lot of players involved in tournaments, it becomes difficult to win. You will have to have persistence and patience to win the game.

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