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Deuces Wild Video Poker

Updated on: May 13th, 2020

online deuces wildWhen beginners first start playing video poker, it is usually recommended that they stick to playing Deuces Wild. The reason for this is quite simple really – it is one of the easiest variations of the game to win. As the name of the game implies, deuces (or rather cards with the number two on them) act as wilds. This means that these cards can substitute as any other card to complete winning combinations. So, all-in-all, games are so much easier to win but the pay table does suffer for it.

If you would like to find out more about playing Deuces Wild, keep reading. We have created the ultimate Deuces Wild video poker guide where we have a look at the following topics:

  • How to play the game
  • The best strategy to use
  • And the pay table you can expect

We also list the best video poker online casinos, so you can get started with playing this wonderful game today!

Play Deuces Wild Online


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best deuces wild casinos

How to Play Deuces Wild

So, Deuces Wild works in the same way as any video poker game. If you have never played video poker, the general structure of a game is as follows:

  1. Set your bet.
  2. Cards are dealt (You get five).
  3. Discard the cards you don’t want.
  4. Get replacement cards for those you discarded.
  5. Check if you have won.

You win Deuces Wild games by making card combinations with your hand. All natural poker hands apply in this variation. The only difference is that the number two is a wild, meaning that it can be used to complete hands. Look at our pay table in the next section to find out which hand combinations payout in this game.
deuces wild pay table

Deuces Wild Video Poker Pay Tables

Here is a full breakdown of what you can expect to get paid for each possible hand combination in Deuces Wild:

Three of a Kind1
Full House4
Four of a Kind4
Straight Flush10
Five of a Kind12
Wild Royal Flush20
Four Deuces200
Natural Royal Flush800

Please bear in mind that this is just a general payout table seen in most Deuces Wild games. Some sub-variations may have slightly different tables depending on whether the game is easier or not to win.
deuces wild strategy

Best Deuces Wild Video Poker Strategy

If you are looking for some Deuces Wild video poker tips, make sure to have a look at our winning advice below:

  • Never discard a deuce. It’s a wild; you can use it to complete any combination. If you get two or more deuces, you have already completed a hand that is at least a four-of-a-kind. So, just do yourself a favor and keep them.
  • If you are dealt with a single deuce, survey the quality of your hand. If it completes anything more than three-of-a-kind, don’t discard the combination. However, anything less and discard all cards strategically except the deuce.
  • If you have only need to get one or two cards to complete a royal flush, do not discard the cards that would complete this combination.
  • Discard all cards if you do not have a combination or a deuce. You won’t win anything with those cards anyway.
wild deuces poker

Wild Deuces Video Poker – FAQs

What card is a deuce?

Deuce refers to the number two card.

Why is two called Deuce?

It is thought that the name derived from a German dice game in which the side with two markings was called a Daus.

How do you play Deuces Wild video poker?

Deuces Wild is played like any other poker game with the exception that twos are counted as wilds. This means the potential for more winning opportunities.

How do you win at Deuces Wild Poker?

There is no sure way to win but we recommend that you keep anything above four of a kind. If you have got a couple of twos, you should also keep them as that gives you an automatic three of a kind. Also, always keep in mind that video poker machines work like slots, so you get paid for making combinations and not for beating a dealer’s hand.

How many cards do you deal in deuces?

Five cards. However, remember you also have the option of discarding and replacing these cards.

Is a pair of deuces good?

In Deuces Wild, we never recommend discarding such a pair because it already makes a three-of-a-kind. In other forms of poker, it isn’t a hand we’d bet on.

Can I play free Deuces Wild video poker online?

Yes, you can. Most casinos offer players a chance to play free games before playing for real money if they like.

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