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Can Casinos Change Odds on Video Poker?

In reality, casinos cannot change odds on video poker machines. The probability of winning cannot be altered because that would technically mean the game is being fixed. The odds on a video poker machine are determined by a random number generator (RNG).

The RNG is responsible for shuffling and dealing cards to players. This process allows online video poker games to provide the same odds of winning regardless of the casino they sign up with. What the casinos can change is the payout percentage for a winning hand.

Can Casinos Tighten Video Poker Machines?

Casinos can’t tighten or operate on video poker machines because they are tested and regularly audited to track if they are fair and random. If a casino is found trying to control the machine, they may be liable for a fine for each machine found to be faulty.

The software manufacturer is responsible for operating on video poker games found on the casino floor or gambling websites. The software provider cannot affect the odds in the game. They can only tighten the video poker machine to ensure that the gameplay functions seamlessly.

Can Casinos Change Odds on Video Poker?

Video Poker Odds

The video poker odds of winning are dependent on the poker variation you play and the rules of the game. Generally, the most popular version of video poker is played using a standard deck with 52 cards. Depending on the card game you are familiar with, the Joker card may be added to the deck.

The gameplay proceeds with the player being dealt five cards, and they have to choose between holding or discarding their hand after seeing the combination of cards they have. The random number generator will deal the second draw and signal if a stronger hand has been formed. Based on the poker hand ranking, you will receive your payout accordingly.

For players who know how to win at video poker every time, it’s a bad video poker strategy to aim for a Royal Flush. The odds of getting one of the rare poker hands is 1 to 649,740. We have listed the different poker ranking hands by virtue of their difficulty and potential payout below:

Poker Ranking HandsOdds on Video Poker
Royal Flush1 to 649 740
Straight Flush1 to 72 193
Four of a Kind1 to 4165
Full House1 to 694
Flush1 to 509
Straight1 to 255
Three of a Kind1 to 47
Two Pairs1 to 21
K, Q, J or Ace Pair1 to 7.69
Any Pair1 to 2.37


Casinos do not manipulate the odds in video poker games because their profits are already calculated into the game. The house edge on video poker games is 0.46%, with slight differences based on the variation.

Ultimately, you can expect a return to player percentage of around 99.54% when you play for real money. We have carefully reviewed the best video poker casinos that have the highest RTP rate for US players to join. Sign up today and boost your bankroll with an amazing bonus deal to enjoy.

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