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Can You Cheat At Video Poker?

Recently updated on September 17th, 2021

There are several ways that you can cheat at video poker. Gamblers have managed to beat video poker machines in the past by manipulating how the cards are dealt. It has since become difficult to cheat video poker machines because online casinos have caught on to the tricks.

We have collected some of the tricks on how to cheat at video poker. Since video poker machines use a random number generator to deal cards, the only way to cheat is to hack the game. If you were playing poker live on the casino floor, you could work with the dealer, count cards, steal chips or collude with other players.

With online video poker, all of that is not possible. Instead, players have to hack the machine or use a video poker cheat sheet as one of their strategies to win. Check out some of the most popular ways to cheat on video poker games.

Can You Cheat At Video Poker?

How To Cheat Video Poker Machines

Players that have gotten away with cheating the system have used the following approaches to guarantee that they win:

1.     Hack the Video Poker Machine

You will need to have computer skills to hack the system and cheat on video poker. Some of the players that were successful cheats benefited from a glitch in the video poker machine.

The most popular hack on a video poker game took place in 2009 when a glitch on IGT’s The Game King payout more than it needed. The gamblers involved included John Kane and Andre Nestor, who were able to tell if a video poker machine was going to hit due to the glitch error. During the gameplay, they exploited the computer bug during the Double Up feature and got a payout multiple times.

Unfortunately, the tricksters were eventually busted after winning over $500,000 and prosecuted.

2.     Cheating the Video Machine with Gadgets

One of the most famous illegal habits that players got away with was tricking the machine into transferring casino credits to players using a coin string. Just like bait on a fishing rod, players poke a hole inside a coin and use a string to insert it inside the machine and pull it out.

The classic machine will register a coin credit, and players will play until they win without actually losing any real money. This trick cannot be replicated in this day and age as casinos do not accept nickles or quarters anymore. You can only insert dollar bills or a credit card to fund your gambling.

In other instances, players have used a monkey wire device to trick the machine into paying out more than it should. With the use of eagle eye security surveillance, this trick will be spotted by security before you are done playing.

3.     Using Video Poker Cheat Sheet To Win

A video poker cheat sheet is the only legal practice that you can use to improve your odds of winning. Beginners that are not too familiar with the game can use a video poker strategy chart to help them make the right plays to win.

The cheat sheet features all of the possible poker hands that you may be dealt and suggests a move that can increase your probability of winning. You will not face any jail time or a fine for using a video poker cheat sheet.


To answer the question of whether you can cheat at video poker or not, you have to explore what is legal and what is illegal. Similar to counting cards, players can use a cheat sheet to improve their chances of getting a winning hand. While it is not illegal, the casino has the right to oust you if you are caught relying on anything other than luck to win at gambling games.

If you are caught trying to hack the system, using a light wand, monkey wire or any other apparatus to cheat at video poker, you will be prosecuted. We recommend video poker players study a basic strategy chart to improve their knowledge of the casino game.

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