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Odds of Getting 4 of a Kind in Video Poker

Every video poker game uses the same poker ranking to determine the winning hand. Getting 4 of a kind in video poker almost guarantees that you win. The odds of hitting four of a kind are more probable compared to other high paying hands.

Discover the list of the highest paying hands in video poker and the odds of hitting them. We’ve checked out the payout for a four of a kind hand in video poker.

What is Four of a Kind?

In a game of poker, a Four of a Kind represents a hand of any four cards of the same value. That means in a single deck of cards, a four of a kind is the same card value that is represented in all four suits in a card game.

A four of a kind is only beat by a Royal Flush and a Straight Flush hand in a poker ranking. However, the probability of getting the 4 of a kind is much more likely to happen in a video poker machine than the former high ranking hands.

Odds of Getting 4 of a Kind in Video Poker

The order of the poker hand ranking includes Full House, which features a three of a kind and a pair. The next high paying hand is the Flush, which consists of any five cards of the same suit.

The sequence follows up with a Straight, which is five consecutive cards from different suits. The lower hands in the pay table are Three of a Kind, Two Pair, and Jacks or Better, which is a Pair of Jacks or higher cards.

What Beats Four of a Kind in Poker?

There are only two poker hand combinations that rank higher than a 4 of a kind hand. The highest paying poker hand that beats the four of a kind is the Royal Flush. The Royal Flush is a hand that consists of a Ten, a Jack, a Queen, a King, and an Ace of the same suit.

The next best poker hand that beats 4 of a kind is a Straight Flush. It is a combination of any five consecutive cards of the same suit. While they may beat the combination of a four of a kind, the odds of hitting the combinations are much harder to get.

The odds of hitting the Royal Flush is 649,740 to 1. For a Straight Flush, it is set at 72,193 to 1.

What Video Poker Game Has the Best Odds?

Every video poker game offers a unique experience to players, but Jacks or Better has the best odds of all the video poker games. Using video poker strategy, players can get their odds up to 99.54% chance of winning.

Jacks or Better is popular for being easy to play. It has simple rules to follow and a great balance of payout and house edge. Using a strategy that works, you can improve the odds of winning by hitting a 4 of a kind on Jacks or Better and receive a great payout.

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