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Unleash the Feline Fury with Eclipse Casino’s Popular Bonus!

Calling all spacefaring slot enthusiasts! Have you ever dreamt of frolicking in a lunar paradise, surrounded by grinning, slot-obsessed cat astronauts? Well, strap on your jetpacks, because Eclipse Casino’s Popular Bonus is taking you on a celestial spin adventure with the mighty Mooncat!

enjoy popular bonus mooncat on catsino slot at eclipse casino


Forget grumpy Earth felines – these lunar kitties are all about galactic good vibes and sizzling slot wins. Play with this cosmic bonus and you’ll score a purr-fect 13 Free Spins on the thrilling Catsino slot. But wait, there’s more! Deposit a cool $77 or more and you’ll unlock an extra 37 Free Spins on the same game! That’s a total of 50 spins of feline fury – enough to send your winnings stratospheric!


But let’s dig deeper into this celestial treasure trove. Here’s what you need to know:


The Popular Bonus Mooncat Breakdown

  • Bonus Name: Popular Bonus (a.k.a. Mooncat Bonus)
  • Free Spins: 13 Free Spins on Catsino slot (base bonus)
  • Extra Spins: 37 Extra Free Spins on Catsino slot (deposits of $77+)
  • Bonus Match: 309% Slots Match on your deposit
  • Minimum Deposit: $57
  • Bonus Code: MOONCAT

How to Claim Your Lunar Loot

  • Gear Up: Create an account (or log in) at Eclipse Casino.
  • Fuel Up: Head to the Cashier section and navigate to the ‘Bonuses’ tab.
  • Enter the Code: Punch in the magical code MOONCAT and prepare for liftoff!
  • Deposit & Blast Off: Deposit $57 or more and watch your bonus activate like a rocket booster.

Once ignited, your Mooncat Bonus will unleash a flurry of feline fun

  • 13 Free Spins: Dive into the heart of Catsino, where adorable astronaut cats guide you through a cosmic carnival of spinning reels and potential mega-wins.
  • Extra Spins: For those who crave extra meow-gic, a deposit of $77 or more grants you a whopping 37 additional Free Spins on Catsino, doubling your chances of striking interstellar riches.
  • 309% Slots Match: As if free spins weren’t enough, Eclipse Casino throws in a 309% match on your deposit! This means your initial bankroll gets a 309% boost, giving you even more ammo to chase those lunar jackpots.

Why Choose the Mooncat Bonus?

  • Feline Frenzy: Catsino is a purrfectly pawsome slot with vibrant graphics, engaging gameplay, and plenty of bonus features to keep you spinning like a cosmic catnip-fueled comet.
  • Double the Spins, Double the Fun: With the potential for 50 Free Spins (or more!), you’ll have ample opportunity to explore the Catsino universe and unearth hidden treasures.
  • Boosty Match: The 309% Slots Match supercharges your bankroll, giving you more leeway to chase big wins and experience the thrill of spacefaring slots.


So, what are you waiting for?

Unleash your inner Mooncat, blast off with Eclipse Casino’s Popular Bonus, and spin your way to cosmic riches! Just remember, gambling should always be done responsibly. Please gamble within your limits and seek help if you have any gambling concerns.


Ready to join the lunar feline fiesta? Sign up for Eclipse Casino today and let the Mooncat Bonus guide you to celestial slot glory!


P.S. Don’t forget to use the code MOONCAT to activate your bonus and unlock your feline fury!

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