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Casinos in Oregon

Updated on: February 2nd, 2021

Oregon Gambling LawsCasinos in Oregon and gambling in that state has a long history. From as early as 1946 there was already horse racing in the state. Casino gaming has had a long fight to be legitimized in the state. Although online casinos in the state are not yet legalized- there are a few options for gamblers in the state.

Besides enjoying the state-run Lottery, US gamblers in Oregon can enjoy the Sports betting casino games at tribal casinos charitable gambling pari-mutuel wagering amongst other forms of illegal gambling.

We have created an easy guide to help our readers find the best casinos in the state of Oregon. Not only have we listed the casino game operators there are several racinos where players can enjoy betting on horse races. There are no online casinos that operate from the state of Oregon. Nevertheless, we have a list of legal online casinos below that accept US players.

Best Online Casinos for US Players


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Is Gambling Legal in Oregon?

Gambling is legal in Oregon, however not the full scope of it. Currently, gamblers in Oregon only have tribal casinos, the state lottery, electronic tab machines, and race track betting. The gambling laws in Oregon do not stop the Lottery from carrying out single-game sports betting, and it has been considered.

However, that too is not available. Since the emergence of the Coronavirus, most states are relaxing their restrictions on online gambling, so maybe, soon we will have online gambling sites operating from the state.

Legal gambling in Oregon currently includes:

  • Tribal casinos
  • State Lottery
  • Electronic tab machines
  • Horse race betting
  • Charitable gambling
  • Bingo
  • Sports betting (not active)
Casinos in Oregon

Oregon State Lottery

Thanks to a vote in 1984 with 66% of the residents in Oregon voted in favour for a state lottery. Ever since its establishment, the state lottery included games like scratch cards and eight jackpots game called megabucks. Later there was some form of Sports Betting which was added to the state lottery in which players could wager on NFL games. Due to a rise in illegal video lottery games, the state decided to add video lottery to the portfolio of the state lottery. The first video poker games were added in 1992. through this, the state was able to get over 700 million dollars in revenue.

Tribal Casinos in Oregon

Tribal casinos in Oregon have more than 7600 gambling machines combined. There are ten tribal casinos run by the federally recognized tribes in the state.

Chinook Winds Casino

Established in 1995

1777 NW 44th Street

Lincoln City,

Oregon 97367

Indian Head Casino

3236 US-26, Warm Springs,

Kla-Mo-Ya Casino

The Mill Casino & Hotel

Seven Feathers Hotel & Casino Resort

Spirit Mountain Casino

Three Rivers Casino

Three Rivers Casino Coos Bay

Wildhorse Resort & Casino

The History of Gambling in Oregon

Oregon is home to the historic Portland Meadows which is a well-known racetrack that was established in 1946. From 1933 there was also a greyhound race track in the state which later closed because of the declining popularity of the sport.

Although these two venues have existed since early times betting on horses and greyhounds was only legalized in 1997. however, there was a quick growth in horse race betting tracks since by 2011 they were already 10 locations at which Oregon residents could bet on horse races.

Gambling for charity was legalized in 1971. Corporations and residents in the state of Oregon were allowed to organize game Knights Way casino-style games could be played to raise funds.

At such charity game nights, blackjack, roulette, and craps were allowed to be played as long as the prices were not monetary. By 1976 charitable gambling included raffles and Bingo. Poker games were not allowed until 2005-win Texas Hold’em was legalized.

the legalization of poker games for charity may have led to the rise in poker card rooms in Oregon at around 2007. these were licensed poker rooms. Although there were some illegal underground poker rooms that were operating at the same time.

In other States, gambling in a social environment is outlawed; however, by 1973, Oregon had legalized gambling in a social environment.

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