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Can a Casino Refuse to Pay?

Recently updated on March 19th, 2021

Besides gambling for leisure and entertainment, most players go to the casino to earn extra money. The last thing you want to hear after winning a jackpot worth millions is that the casino refuses to pay. While this does not happen quite often, there are instances where casinos do not pay out winners because the conditions were not met.

Go through our page to find out what are some of the common online casino withdrawal problems that prevent a casino not to pay you. Also, discover what to do when a gambling site refuses to pay out your winnings.

Can Online Casino Refuse to Pay Out?

The first thought for every player that experiences a casino’s refusal to pay out is surely that they are dealing with a fraudulent gambling site. Some casinos have a reputation of not paying out withdrawal requests or delaying the payment only to return the amount later to your casino account. You can avoid these rogue casinos by checking player feedback and reviews that rate the casino.

Can a Casino Refuse to Pay for no Reason

Here are the most common reasons why casinos refuse to pay winners:

1.      Wagering Requirements Not Met

Casinos stipulate the terms and conditions of paying players their winnings when they play with bonus money. These conditions describe the number of times that you need to bet before your winnings can be withdrawn. With some deposit bonuses, your winnings can be cashable, while on occasion, they are credited to your casino account.

2.      Failure to Produce Required Documents

Online casinos generally request players to submit supporting KYC (Know Your Customer) documents once they make a withdrawal request so that their identity can be verified. If you do not provide a copy of your identity document or driver’s license, a utility bill for water and electricity dating back no longer than 90 days within the required time frame, the withdrawal will be returned to your account.

3.      Can A Casino Take Your Winnings for Child Support?

The answer is yes; a casino can withhold a player’s winnings if their name appears in the Gambling Intercept Payment (GIP) database. The system tracks people that have an outstanding financial judgement or owing child support. Instead of the winnings credited to your account, the amount of money won will be sent to the state and used to settle your debt.

4.      Faulty Gambling Machine

If the casino has proof of a malfunction in the gambling machine, they will not pat out. The law supports this position. There have been tons of gambling stories of machines paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars to winners when the game was set to pay out less.

What to Do When an Online Casino Refuses to Pay Out Your Winnings

You will be glad to know that there is some recourse for wrongful refusal to pay winners. If the cause of refusal provided by the casino is outside the scope of the above-mentioned reasons, then here are some avenues you can use to get your money:

Reach Out to the Customer Support Staff

Any accredited online casino will have multiple ways to contact the support staff and handle their query. However, you need to provide proof that you have met all of the requirements stated in the terms and conditions when you explain the situation. These can be screenshots of your correspondence with the support staff, winnings, and your payment history.

Contact the Gambling Commission

If no positive outcome comes out of your communication with the customer service staff, you can escalate the matter to the gaming commission that the casino site is registered to. You can find the correct gambling commission that the casino is licensed to at the footer of the casino website. The matter will be investigated, and because the casino might want to protect its reputation, you may receive a favorable outcome.

Take Legal Action

A more arduous and expensive procedure is involving lawyers and taking the legal route. You can file a lawsuit against the casino and provide proof that you deserve your winnings. It is important to understand that it might take a long time before the matter is settled. Also, most casinos online that operate in the United States are from abroad.

You will have to be armed with a good legal team, patient with the verdict and be available for court dates. All of this will need a large outlay of money to contend with the casino’s endless resources. It will all be worth it once you win your case and the casino has to pay your legal fees.

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