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When you play video poker at an online casino, you are not playing "poker" itself the way you would be playing it in a poker room. That much is obvious to most. In this game, like some of the table games like Caribbean Stud, is being played against the house. It is a great innovation in online casinos but it is, at its heart, very simple.

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The attraction for many is familiarity. If you have played around a table with friends in your living room, you have probably played some version of poker that resembles that which can be found in a video poker game. Also, if you have played video poker in a land-based casino, it is the same format in an online casino, as both are electronic in nature.

If you know how to discard from your hand and draw new cards, then you probably know enough to step up to a video poker game in an internet casino. There should be nothing intimidating about the experience. The rules are generally the same, regardless of what version of video poker you're playing, in that you are dealt five cards, make a decision as to which cards to keep and which cards to get rid of, and then take new cards.

And speaking of rules, different versions of video poker will take on different characteristics. For example, if you are playing Jacks or Better, you know that you are not going to be paid if you have a pair of nines. You will only be paid of you have a pair of Jacks at the very least. The game of Deuces Wild is relatively self-explanatory, in that Deuces (2's) can be used as a wild card to complete winning combinations. So as a result, you can achieve things like a Deuces Royal Flush and Five of a Kind, and they pay well. Any game that contains the word "Joker" is going to have Jokers in it, and those act as wild cards as well.

The rank of the winning hands sometimes differs, and generally they're tied to the overall theme of the game, so your best bet is to check the pay table on each game. That is one thing that is not hard to find, as it should be right above the game screen.

There are twists to these games too. You can actually play many hands at once in video poker; how many depends on which software provider you're dealing with. RealTime Gaming, for example, allows for 52 hands at once, while some of the versions that are available with Microgaming software allow for up to 100.

Here's a good question; can somebody improve his or her chances by employing a certain kind of strategy? The answer to that is "yes." Like a lot of things, the better you play, the better chance you have, and this is just like any other kind of poker, in that there is an element of luck to it, but skill can not only reduce losses but produce wins.

You've also got somewhere to go if you are a novice or don't care to study any winning strategy. There is an AutoPlay option on the games that are offered by Microgaming, for example, but while that option is sufficient to put you in a position to win, it does not necessarily make the best possible mathematical decision for any given hand.

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