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How to Play Video Poker Tips

Best Video Poker Casino Sites Video poker is one of the most famous games around the world. Here US players will find out the basics of how to play video poker. As one of the most played casino games, it only makes sense for players to understand the card game before they signup. There are a lot of video poker versions available such as Texas Hold’em, Jacks or Better, and Aces or Better. The guidelines for these games are pretty much the same. When players decide to play poker against other people they need to have social dynamics, skill and luck to be successful in video poker. However, with video poker, players can get away without having those skills

Video poker is not a difficult game to learn for US players. The best way to learn how to play video poker is to follow this in-depth guide. We will provide you with the perfect video poker game plan. This also includes knowing the cards, the kinds of cards you keep, and the best time to double up and cash out. US players have an opportunity to make huge payouts. The best video poker games can be found at the recommended casino websites below.

Best Video Poker Casino Sites

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How to Play Video Poker Guide

Real Money Video Poker

Video poker has the same principles as the game of draw poker. The same rules apply besides the fact that you are not playing with other players. Five cards will be dealt on the screen. US players have the choice of drawing up to five cards. Players are allowed to remain with the cards that they select by pressing the “hold” button which is the same as the card on the screen. After players have made their decision, they can click the “deal” button and the cards that weren’t chosen will be removed for new cards to take their place.

Video Poker Hands

Payoffs have to do with five-card poker hands that rank like this:

  • Royal Flush – king, ace, queen, 10, jack, hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs are the same kind.
  • Straight Flush – five succeeding cards of the same kind.
  • Full House – three cards that are the same rank, two cards that are of a different rank.
  • Four of a kind – these are four cards of the same rank.
  • Flush – five cards of the same kind.
  • Three of a kind – three cards that are the same rank.
  • Straight– these are five successive cards of mixed suits.
How to Play Video Poker US

How to Play Video Poker Like A Pro

USA players who like slots will have fun playing video poker. Firstly, players have to grasp how video poker works. It can be an intimidating game for players who don’t play it regularly. Video poker has high payouts compared to most slots. Furthermore, this game is perfect for USA players who enjoy a game that has more strategy than just pressing a spin button. Thinking about playing the game? Well, before players attempt to play some video poker, it’s vital that players know how to play the game.

Video poker is becoming more popular and we want players to be successful whenever they play. That’s why we have devised a plan to get players on the right track. So, check out the following when you decide to give video poker a try:

Max Coins

As we have already mentioned, video poker has a massive payout that US players can take advantage of. When players have the right hand they can bet max coins. Even though the odds of getting four aces or royal flush are scarce, players who have made the maximum bet will have great payouts.

Pay Table

It’s important for players to take note of a video poker machine’s paytable. When you play the card game on the web, you will find these on the game screen or outside the video poker machine at a land-based casino. The most vital thing about a paytable is that it reveals how much every winning hand combination will give players depending on the wager size.

The jackpot is paid to the biggest hand with bets normally marked in intervals per the amount bet. Video poker is a great game. It grants players a competitively low house edge in contrast to other casino games.

Research and Practice

The best way for players in the USA to learn more about video poker is to make sure that they check out other websites. Players can find out more about video poker online through tutorials and poker strategies through different sites. Top-rated casinos allow players to practice before they play for real money. This enables players to improve their skills before they confidently play with cash. Practice the game using any of the best casino websites that we have mentioned above.


The fantastic thing about web-based casinos is that they offer US players great rewards for playing the card game. Everyone likes free things and online video poker casino sites have bonuses for players who sign up on their website. These include generous points, free games, and promotions on offer. In order to benefit and get the opportunity to cash in on great rewards, you need to be a member. The top video poker sites on this page have the best bonuses that players can utilize when they register.

Play Video Poker USA

A lot of players who were previously playing slot machines and now play video poker don’t turn back. Players have fun playing the game that needs some skill. This is an exciting challenge that they take on to become better players. If you are looking for a change then video poker is the right game for you. As we have stated above the game isn’t difficult when you apply yourself. What’s even better, we have listed reputable betting sites where US players can play the game. This means that players don’t have to do the run around searching for the best website because we have them covered.

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