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Are Video Poker Machines Really Random?

Gamblers would not risk their money playing video poker machines if they weren’t really random. Online casinos use a random number generator (RNG) software that shuffles and deals the cards to players by chance, without fixing the outcome. The computer program is designed to generate random gambling results by getting rid of patterns or expected outcomes.

If video poker machines are random, players can trust that the deck of cards will not be manipulated or rigged. There are auditing firms that are tasked with regularly testing the software to ensure that the results are random. Discover how video poker machines are programmed online and whether they can be hacked.

How Are Poker Machines Programmed?

Video poker machines are programmed to function using a random number generator to distribute cards fairly to players. The machine uses software that replaces the live dealer’s role in poker, and the shuffling of cards is all done digitally.

The video poker machine uses a series of numbers and codes to deal the cards until a strong poker hand is formed. The outcome of the shuffle is not programmed to distribute any specific pattern. The odds of winning are based on the video poker variant you are playing and the return to player (RTP) rate on each game.

Are Video Poker Machines Really Random?

Can Video Poker Machines Be Rigged?

No, the video poker machine cannot be rigged by the casino or hacked by players. There are security firewall protocols that prevent any person from manipulating the outcome of cards drawn. The auditing firms mentioned above can check the software to ensure that all gains were won fairly.

Similarly, with video poker machines being rigged by the casino, agencies such as TST and International Gambling Laboratories check the authenticity of the software to ensure it is not tampered with. Every legit online casino has a gaming license with a third-party Gaming Commission that tracks the games to prevent gambling sites from fixing the games.

Video Poker Random Number Generator

The random number generator shuffles a standard deck of 52 cards during the gameplay in a video poker game. Based on the video poker variation, the Joker card may also be added to the mix, which can affect the probability of winning.

The RNG will deal the player five cards randomly and present the video poker player with the option to hold or discard their hand. If you select the option to hold, your initial hand will be compared with that of the house, and you can only win by having a stronger hand.

The odds of getting 4 of a kind in video poker is quite rare but not impossible. The probability is set at 4,165 to 1 chance of hitting that combination. The scarcer poker hand is the Royal Flush. The odds of getting a Royal Flush combination are 1 in every 650,000 hands played.

This is why it is important for players to use a video poker strategy when making the decision to hold or draw. There are plenty of winners that have benefited from a video poker cheat sheet that describes the best move to take depending on the cards you are dealt to form a strong hand.

Try a video poker casino that is in a gaming jurisdiction that is regularly tested to guarantee the best gaming experience.

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