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How to Play Online Scratch Card Games

How to play scratch and win games

Online scratch cards are one of the simplest casino games there is. The key to learning how to play scratch cards is literally in its name- scratch. This game can be played and enjoyed by both experienced and non-experienced players. The method of play is also consistent regardless of whether you are playing online or at a land-based casino. The only difference is that playing online uses digital scratch cards while actual casino venues use physical scratch card tickets. The game is also known by various other terms like scratch tickets, scratch-offs, instant win games, and if you’re from down under, scratchies.

Discovering how to play scratch cards games can be an exciting process as the games come in a variety of fun themes categorized by US TV shows, movies, game shows, holidays and many others. Some examples include American TV shows like Pink Panther and Six Million Dollar Man; movies like Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and The Avengers; game shows like the X-Factor and Blockbuster; calendar holidays like Christmas and Easter; and even other casino games like slot games, blackjack and bingo.  There are other themes that don’t necessarily fit into any category but are fun to play nonetheless.

Once you’ve read through our quick guideline on how to play scratch cards online, head over to any one of our casinos below to start playing for real money.

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How to Play Scratch Cards

Step 1: Scratch Card Methodology

Playing scratch off games online works the same as physical tickets found at retail stores. The only difference is that one is played online. Instead of using a coin or finger nail to scratch off the silver residue on a traditional scratch card, you’ll now use your mouse cursor to remove the covering. Simply drag your mouse across your chosen ticket to reveal the lucky numbers or symbol combinations underneath. If you are playing on your touchscreen smartphone, simply swipe your finger across the chosen box to remove the film.

How to Play Scratch Offs

Step 2: Register an Account

However, to become eligible to play scratch off games online, most online casino’s in the US require players to authenticate an account first. To do this, click on the tab that says ‘register’ or ‘create an account’, fill in all the necessary information and submit. Most casinos also ask that you deposit a certain amount before you can start playing, but free scratch off games are available too.

Step 3: Scratch Away

There are a variety of scratch off games to choose from, you simply have to select the game you would like to learn how to play and you’ll be directed to that specific game’s homepage to play. Follow the prompts on the screen to generate a new scratch card or to play using added features. Scratch cards results are produced either manually, where you scratch off to reveal, or automatically, where the casino site will reveal results instantaneously.

Where to Buy Scratch Cards Online

Scratch cards can be bought at an online casino or on a state lotteries website. They typically cost between $1 and $20 a piece but prices do vary depending on the kind of game you play as well as the US state you play in. Some scratch card games can cost up to $50. These subsequently boast better odds and higher payouts.

How to Play Instant Scratch Games

How to Win Scratch Cards Prizes

Perhaps the first thing to keep in mind, especially when you are learning how to play scratch cards is that there is no definitive scratch card strategy to win. Scratch games, like all lottery games, are based on luck, not skill.

The basic requirements for winning a scratch card game is matching three of the same symbols. The possible number symbols range from 1-50 and the higher your number symbol, the bigger your prize. For instance, if your ticket reveals three 1x symbols you win your full bet, if it reveals 2x symbols you win twice your bet amount and if your card reveals three 20x symbols you win your initial bet 20 times over, and so forth. In essence, with scratch card games, you win a prize equal to the amount you wagered multiplied by the value of the winning symbol printed on your scratch card.

The kind of scratch card prizes you win will also depend on the cost of the scratch card you bought, and the odds attached to that particular scratch off ticket. A player who buys a $1 scratch card ticket may receive a $100,000 cash prize, while a player who bought a $5 is eligible will receive a cash prize even higher than that. National Lottery Scratch card prizes on the other hand offer million-dollar jackpots for $1 per scratch card ticket.

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